Different types of Western Cape Farms

Along with notable geographic difference inside the province, Western Cape farms offer the purchaser a wide range of farms to pick from. Having mountain ranges, rivers and streams and also beaches and the sea side, the region’s property is really as diverse as its landscape. The fact that the land in areas of Western Cape is perfect for coffee and grape farming makes Cape farms particularly desirable. Besides this, the farms in Western Cape hold the added advantage of being positioned just a few hours from the big, urban cities and towns.

Sea side farms

The coast of Western Cape province offers two different sides, one facing the Atlantic Ocean and the other facing the Indian Ocean. Cape farms situated on by the sea side take pleasure in benefits including regular sea breeze as well as fantastic views of the seaside as well as the sandy beaches. A spot called Mossel Bay, generally known as Gouriqua (after the local tribes of which once lived on these lands) has most of the sea side farms in Western Cape. Sea side farms in Western Cape also provide recreational activities like fishing, boating, diving and yachting in close proximity. Presently there’s also several bare, undeveloped real estate property sites towards the coastline of Western Cape which bidders might possibly construct their very own households in.

River side Farms

Nearly all river side farms in Western Cape are usually based in this area referred to as Stilbaai across which the Goukou River passes. Rover Side farms, as suggested by their names, are Cape farms situated on the banks of estuaries and rivers. This sort of river side farms tend to be generally not as expansive as sea side ones. These types of farms tend to be the most fertile lands throughout the area because of the silt brought along by the river. The perennial availability of water through water channels from the river replaces the need for man-made irrigation. Presented throughout lavish greenery and rich verdure, river side Western Cape farms tend to be very much in demand.

Small Holding Farms

Small holding farms are typically between 1 and 15 hectares and within some instances may well extend up to 20 hectares. These are amongst the smallest farms in terms of area covered, in comparison to sea side and river side farms. Such small holding farms are usually found the Stilbaai region of Western Cape Province. For the most part of the small holding farms are situated in the mountainous country side of Western Cape. The presence of copious amounts of ground water is a big asset to farm owners as irrigation becomes much easier. Farms in Western Cape also get uninterrupted power supply and electricity is seldom a problem. Most small holding farms are purchased by vacationers rather than serious farmers.

Mixed Farms

Mixed farms provide a great assortment of farms that range anything between twenty hectares and one thousand five hundred hectares. The mountainous regions of Stilbaai, Gouritz and Riversdale usually have most of these mixed farms. Mixed Western Cape farms may have more than one cottages, farm houses and barns located in different parts of the farms, depending on their size.

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